Dear Reader

by Andrea Elizabeth

After watching Dancing with the Stars with my favorite performers, ice dancers Davis and White, I am pondering also about Elise posing for this portrait in Somewhere in Time,

and advice I heard about taking a good selfie: think of someone you love.

But should we invite such public voyeurism? Yet aren’t we also supposed to look our best?

One of the current contestants in Dancing with the Stars has a lot of Christian hangups about some of the dances, but she can’t help compromising herself somewhat because dancing is a very personal, intimate thing. She comes across as stiff, and holding back. The problem is that the alternative seems to be to “let it all hang out” in a seductive way. But what I like about Davis and White is that what they have to show us is love, humility, and excellence. The song Meryl Davis chose to dance to was “All of Me”. Yes, the love is very personal, but her fearless expression is such a blessing to watch. Does the public deserve it if it is inspired by someone else?

Here’s a bit of trivia I found from IMDB about Somewhere in Time, “There were problems with the original footage of Elise performing on stage, so the scenes of her had to be re-shot. The second time around, Jane Seymour delivered the speech to the author and screenwriter Richard Matheson instead of Christopher Reeve. Matheson was supposedly so moved and upset by the experience, he had to call his wife and return home immediately.”

Why are we so subject to vicarious effects? Could it be that we are meant for another country, and some people inspire us to seek it? Dangerous territory indeed.