“When you don’t know what to do, do what you know”

by Andrea Elizabeth

is a quote from the documentary about New Orleans devastation, My Louisiana Love, recently aired on PBS. Two people died during the making of the film, one from liver disease, I surmise from drinking too much. And one of the producers by taking his own life. The grandmother who said that did not say much else in the film, but minded her own business in rebuilding and replanting, and saying her prayers. The ones who died despaired. The granddaughter became an activist, complaining about the man-made industries that fed the post-Katrina disaster.

I’m coming to think that devastating things are meant to show us what we’re made of. That grandmother is made of peace. The father escaped his troubles in drink. The boyfriend producer was an artist who just may have done what he thought would get the situation some attention. Suicide isn’t the answer, but I’ll not say nothing good can come from it. It’s another devastating thing that the survivors have to deal with and then show what they’re made of.