while listening to the book with my 13yo after watching Ender’s Game, the movie

by Andrea Elizabeth

I like the lack of 2nd tier bad words in the movie better. My daughter can’t unhear a few things.

There is more psychology in the book. I get the idea that Colonel Graff is the author’s idea of God. He watches and puts Ender in dangerous situations that will either make him the best he can be or break him. One constant tactic is to make Ender always feel alone so that he wont expect anyone to rescue him. I’m now more open to that idea instead of thinking it cruel.

In the movie, Ender is around 13. In the book he’s 6. Maybe in an alternate universe 6 year olds can be conditioned for battle like that, but I don’t think they have the mental agility nor physical strength for it. I didn’t put my kids in soccer or little league at that age, but maybe it is similar. I think they’re finding joint problems in kids who do too much too soon, though.

One interesting analysis in the book is how Ender is aware that one of his superiors, whom he feels is actually inferior is some ways, sees Ender’s submission as a favor bestowed rather than a natural order. Ender naturally submits to Colonel Graff, but grits his teeth to submit to Bonzo. Christ did that too, to some extent.