Dale Hansen Unplugged

by Andrea Elizabeth

This 2 minute video by our local sportscaster about people’s reaction to a gay NFL player has gotten almost 5 million views on youtube. I’m linking the original even though it’s pasted over with a link to another version that makes you sit through a commercial.

I agree with him about the outrageousness of accepting other players with criminal records and mistreatment of women, but not about equating it with racism. Well, not exactly. Color is aesthetic and not sinful, but we seem to be getting over that. It is however terrible and horrible that we accept masculine sins in our society and not feminine ones. They try to make up for their sexism by wearing pink on the field for breast cancer, but that is totally ridiculous and demeaning. Would men feel respected if all we did was pay homage to their prostates? Well, actually, that is all those NFL players are paying for, isn’t it.