to enjoy or to longsuffer

by Andrea Elizabeth

after the second audio disk out of four of C.S. Lewis’ Screwtape Letters, starring Andy Serkis

Chapter 13 about attachment and detachment is very thought provoking. One could argue that the positiveness of enjoying a physical pleasure like a walk or a cup of hot cocoa is contradicted later when he talks about the woman who is a glutton because she’s so particular about the things she likes, even in small amounts. Aren’t there particulars about the cocoa and the walk that one could compare to the particulars in the lady’s requests? The contrast is that the lady complained when her standards weren’t met. The ambulator joyfully abandoned himself to the countryside. The devil’s terrorism would be to cause the cup of cocoa to fall or a goose to bite him, instead of too many, but still a reasonable amount of marshmallows, or the wildflowers being the wrong color.