Father Clive

by Andrea Elizabeth

Yesterday I again listened to Screwtape Letters, creepily narrated Andy Serkis. I previously had the impression that C.S. Lewis believed in Absolute Divine Simplicity, but not according to the first CD ( out of 5?). He inversely explains that God does not want to take a person over, nor to assimilate him into himself. He sounded a bit Pelagian though when he said that God leaves people to will correctly on their own. He may take over slightly in the beginning, but then they learn to do it by themselves. This may explain Aslan’s infrequent visits. But the part on prayer talks about how difficult it is to focus on God’s presence, which he does believe is always there.

About that, his explanation sounds like what I’ve heard about image-less prayer, but it doesn’t sound like he thinks grace can be communicated through created things.