Last of Chapter 2

by Andrea Elizabeth

The second chapter of Orthodox Interventions mainly talks about the Orthodox Fathers’ approach to depression and anxiety. Basically that they are from the devil and because of giving into temptation and lack of faith. I related more to the descriptions of anxiety than depression. I’ve said before that I don’t have the attention span to stay depressed. I still wish there was a more nuanced approach to this. There was one short paragraph that implies that there may be a difference between suffering and wrongful, Cain and Judas-like despairing depression/anxiety, but it is not spelled out.

“Pain, including depression, is therefore meant to yield blessing to him/her who endures it. Those who witness and note the manliness, courage, and victory with which suffering, pain, and depression are borne, are also blessed. Therefore, it is because of God’s love for wo/man that wo/man is called and/or permitted to suffer (Cavarnos, 1985).” pg 99

Jesus was called a man of sorrows, so…

But we do need to rally ourselves. Or rouse ourselves as the Lenten hymn, Behold the Bridegroom cometh at Midnight, says. And that takes faith and work and grace.