law breakers vs. sinners

by Andrea Elizabeth

One thing about divorce is that it puts you in the category of a sinner. Especially if you remarry, because of certain Bible verses. The Orthodox Church in it’s economia will commune divorced people with a Bishop’s consent, but still. It’s an identity changer.

Lately I’ve been thinking about the self-concept regarding being a law-abiding citizen. I think people can get the notion that if they obey the law of the land and thus haven’t earned government interference, ¬†that they aren’t sinners, at least not as bad as others. This could be because they believe that America’s laws reflect God’s laws. This could also be why they are so upset at blatant efforts to thwart the Bible’s clear prohibitions, such as that adulterers and homosexuals wont inherit the kingdom of God. Therefore if adulterers and homosexuals become law abiding citizens, this is equal to not being a sinner, because they are synonymous. It messes with their whole self-concept. They are the only worthy, law-abiding non sinners.

Since I am legally divorced, and since we got married by a Justice of the Peace because my Bible Church pastor at the time didn’t believe in remarriage after divorce, I know what it’s like to be a law-abiding sinner, and so I don’t see them quite as synonymous as the law-abiding non-sinners do. This is probably why I’m caught in the middle and don’t feel as threatened by the difference between the general laws of the land and who the Church will commune. And I think that being a law-abiding citizen gives one a false since of confidence in their standing before God who also looks at the heart.