Caught in the Middle 3

by Andrea Elizabeth

Having now finished Wendell Berry’s “Caught in the Middle” on abortion and homosexuality, I again find myself agreeing with his views on government, but disagreeing with his views on behavior. Here’s a good quote, “The theory that accreditation of the sexual practices of individuals is a function proper to a “small” and noninterfering government is comic as well as absurd.” Used to be it was the church that kept records and granted marriages. I would have to look up when the government started issuing marriage licenses. Why do we care who the government considers married except for how it affects our taxes? That seems a shallow reason to get all up in arms, but wars were started for the same. I’m more against homosexual public displays of affection, which is getting more airtime. Perhaps we also should reconsider hetero displays. Maybe that famous post-WWII picture of the sailor bowling over a woman he didn’t know is “inappropriate” too. I think Christians are desensitized to sexual behavior that is not sanctioned by marriage in the Church. Mr. Berry is more tolerant of sinful behavior among nice people than I am. But he has a right to free speech, and he’s not advocating that the government force people to hold his views, so thanks for the interesting article!