Caught in the Middle 2

by Andrea Elizabeth

Before I finish reading Mr. Berry’s treatise on homosexuality in the second half of “Caught in the Middle“, in which he has some very interesting things to say about the role of government, I want to address how conservatives are upset about our nation’s laws not reflecting “God’s laws”. My thoughts again are, 1, Christians had their chance and it blew up in the Civil War when everyone killed each other, after belittling black people and before they finished killing and driving out the Indians. They can say, what’s 6 or 700,000 soldiers (and how many Indians and black people?) compared to 1,000,000 babies a year? I don’t think the lesser of two evils argument works well to defend God’s law.

In the 100 years after the Civil War the nation changed from being of the WASP males (with the varying influence of their own wives and children), by the WASPs and for the WASPs, to being a federal governmentally mandated pluralistic society, except for the unborn. Mr. Berry talks about how it’s not the government’s job to invent rights, but to protect them. The case can be made that it had to step in to protect the rights of non-WASPM’s. I’ll take Mr. Berry’s distinction between public and private and say that Civil Rights is a public issue. In my last post I said that I can see a difference in the nature of the unborn that makes it more private. I think it is more like suicide than homicide. Is it murder? I wont argue too hard to say that suicide isn’t murdering yourself, but it is still different from someone else murdering you. If someone else murders your unborn child against your will, then that is more like homocide to the mother and baby. If a mother does it, since I believe she violates her own body to do it, and the relationship is so much more personal to her, it is more like suicide. But doesn’t the baby have a separate life at that point? Don’t the unborn show obvious distress during an abortion? Yes and yes. All I can say to that is that I don’t want desperate women who do this taken to jail and treated like other murderers. I want them treated like people who attempt suicide. The desperation involved is similar. But don’t murderers show desperation? We make allowances for crimes of passion. A cold blooded abortion would be more like a girl getting pregnant on purpose so that she can kill babies. I have never heard of a case like that. So I think abortion is between negligent homicide and manslaughter, because I think a lot of ignorance, delusion, incitement, and deception is involved. When you call it murder, then you are saying women who do it, as well as their accomplices, deserve life in prison or the death penalty. I’m more for a deprogramming institution. The only one I can recommend is a monastery that has less to do with government pro-action than anywhere else.

But shouldn’t our laws reflect God’s laws? Isn’t it the height of arrogance to say you know better than God? I’ll say that people who don’t want the 10 commandments in the courtrooms may be reacting more to televangelists than God. I don’t totally buy that either because even though I find Calvinism just about the biggest lie against who God is that there is, I would never throw away the Bible or quit praying in protest. But should atheists and Jews get by with gagging people from saying Merry Christmas to each other? That is silly and thank goodness that only lasted a few years. But the government court system, which is designed to protect people’s rights, should protect people’s rights to not believe in God and thus the Bible. But how can there even be public morality without God? some philosophers say to the atheists. Does God hold “ignorant” non-Christians to his laws? Do they get to get by with murder and stealing? Why did he destroy Sodom and Gomorrah, not to mention the rest in the flood, if they weren’t “his people”? This is the heart of the political Christian’s belief. It does seem rooted in the Old Testament and Zionism. God promised a land to be lived in in a certain way.

I think the difference between the Old Testament and the New, is the shift from governmental politics to the Church. The Jews didn’t believe because of this. Orthodox Christians take the violence in the Old Testament as a type of spiritual warfare. We do violence to our passions, aka repentance, instead of other people.

The thing about laws is that they have to be enforced. And this involves either violence or seizure. If you don’t think some things merit this, then there needs to be another way – education and therapy. I trust the Church and not the government to do this  which is why I homeschool. Public school used to teach the 10 commandments, but if you give the government the right to do that, then you also have to trust them with using those students to kill (even though it says thou shalt not kill) other people in ways it sees fit. If you want the government to protect unborn children from their mothers and their circle of influence, then that same government can decide to kill unborn children as enemies of the state of the union. I’m more afraid of big brother than a teenage girl who needs a better boyfriend.

Looks like I wont get to homosexuality this morning.