Thoughts about our trip to where Connie is

by Andrea Elizabeth

Cats and dogs don’t forget you if you’ve been gone for 9 days on a trip.

Departed people, if saintly enough, can order beautiful sunsets for your driving pleasure if you go to their grave to commemorate the anniversary of their passing.

What makes them saintly is their love for others while here on earth. My mother in law worked really hard to bless anyone in her path. She would offer encouragement to strangers and family alike by telling them they are beautiful and that Jesus loves them. Bless her heart.

My mother in law loved to paint. Her paintings are displayed proudly in her families’ homes and are nearly all landscapes with lush green vegetation and water, be it ponds or the ocean. She painted a clipper ship on the rough seas with my husband’s boyhood model as the model. She even included the misplaced string that joined the mast. He’s not sure if she knew it was attached in the wrong place.

One year later, her family seems more peaceful. I think it’s because of her prayers and the assurance that she is no longer suffering and is in a place of verdure.