PC schmecee

by Andrea Elizabeth

Today on The Chew, Mark Consuelos, Live with Kelly‘s husband, impressed me. The Chew is, I suppose, PC, in that you can have an equal or greater voice if you are gay (as I was sad to find out today about What not to Wear‘s Clinton Kelly), Puerto Rican descent (?I don’t know. Her Wikipedia article doesn’t mention her parents, and it’s probably not pc to say she’s anything other than American. But while racism is bad, cultural or even skin shade affiliation shouldn’t be considered so.) or a woman. Mark was supposed to help prepare a dish, but while mashing the squash, and complaining about being hungry, he said Thanksgiving is his hold-out day for 50’s masculinity, and he hangs out on the couch sleeping, watching football, and stoking the fire, caveman-like. The blonde persnickety lady said for Kelly to call her so she can tell her how to get her man to help out. Then when he was supposed to help spread the squash stuff on the little toasts, he stuck the big spoon of squash in his mouth and ate it. Then of course, un-caveman-like, he couldn’t double dip the spoon back in the stuff to help. So he just stood there till the un-blonde lady gave him a sample of their completed appetizer. He wasn’t ashamed of not helping at all. Good for him! Not that men shouldn’t help in the kitchen, but that he wasn’t guilted or intimidated into doing it. His confidence in his right to call the shots reminded me of our brief ballroom dance lesson experience where the two male instructors were of Latin descent, and I think someone else said that Latin men (how un-PC to say!) lead better.