Say to this mountain

by Andrea Elizabeth

I voted. Don’t think I will in the one tomorrow. Romney’s got Texas, so I can passively resist the idea that salvation comes from the government.

About state vs. federal, hurricane disaster relief highlights this issue. It doesn’t seem like states can afford to clean up and rebuild, but I don’t know. If they can’t, should vulnerable coast lines be deemed too impractical to set up shop in? The locals would say they want to stay, but that’s because of their ties to the past, not that that’s not a good argument. There is also a national identity with those places. Since the Panama Canal, Americans have been determined to move heaven and earth to get and keep what they want. I’m curious about the existential experiment that lets nature win. But maybe that’s not fulfilling the mandate to “subdue the earth”. And I wonder if Sandy and Katrina, and maybe Andrew are worse than ever before (except for the flood), indicating end times (as did the flood), or just before recorded measurements.