Dark and stormy ish

by Andrea Elizabeth

It was rainy and almost dark when they got to their rented mountain cabin. Four wheel drive was recommended, but it was said that some had made it up the steep switchback access with front wheel drive rental cars. They didn’t say mini van, but surely that would work. Back seats in SUV’s don’t have enough leg room. The rain made it more slippery, so when they got stuck in the gutter backing down for their third try, the six grown bodied passengers got out to free the back end. It’s just as well they missed the precarious drive up the rest of the way. Walking at an elevation of 7500 ft up the piney wooded drive in the darkening rain was less stressful, and could be managed with frequent breaks when altitude sickness encroached. Most of them where used to it as it was their third summer in a row in the Sangre de Christo mountains, the closest mountains to their house high enough to break the southern summer heat. The two friends with them were willing enough to acclimate.

They were rewarded, not only by the hinted at, mistily veiled setting, but the warm lights through arched, Bavarian painted adobe windows, smooth red double level floor with wooden and stone nooks for the bed, living, dining, books, games, and wood burning type stove. Four mostly teen age girls fit fine in the low ceilinged garret type loft on two twin beds and air mattresses; the dogs and the boy on the futon.

They brought enough groceries for dinner and breakfast, but considered rationing them to minimize car trips back down and up that grade. Nah, mountain people are tougher than city people.