Looking back

by Andrea Elizabeth

She was happy before she left. When she came back, she wasn’t. It must’ve been all the little kids at the place she ran off to. Maybe a long time ago there were a lot of little kids that used to play with her and show her a lot of attention. She’d forgotten. Now she misses it.
When we got her, she was so grateful to be rescued from the animal shelter. She liked having our dog to play with, even though he is older and less energetic. He was better than solitary confinement.
While she was gone, he remembered what it was like to relax undisturbed in a cool, quiet spot. Nice for a little while, then depressing.
When she was brought back, they both gave each other the cold shoulder. She just wanted back out. He wanted her to suffer for her abandonment of him. She was grouchy all that evening.
Or maybe she was just tired. The next day she was a little subdued, but now she’s back to her old energetic, playful self. Maybe Egypt doesn’t seem so good anymore.