You wouldn’t like me when I’m angry

by Andrea Elizabeth

***The Avengers spoiler alert***

Ever since watching The Avengers, I keep going back to the secret to Banner’s finally controlling when he turns into the Hulk. ‘I’m always angry’. At first it would seem that then he would always be the Hulk. I guess the chemical explanation would be that it’s the spike in anger ‘hormones’ that causes the change. And it would at first seem wrong to always stay angry. But maybe there’s something to be learned. Isn’t anger connected with surprise at expectations not being met? Should we not have those expectations in the first place? Should we expect things not to go according to our plans? Does it depend on if we plan rightly, according to God’s will? Then should it be a result of being surprised, or a voluntary permission to the force inside of us to correct things? That sounds better. Puts Jesus and the money changers in a different light.

The Avengers