6 reasons why I like cross stitching

by Andrea Elizabeth

1. The conventrated, vibrant, jewel like colors of embroidery floss. I suppose that like pysanky dye, they have to make up for being used in such small amounts.

2. The three dimensional, tactile nature of the work.

3. The repetition of the size of the stitch. The spacial dimensions in the pattern are predetermined. This is good for those who like me are not that spacially intelligent. The repetition also frees the mind from the hard work of concentration. One still has to keep track of counting, but that is a more left brained skill. I think I’m half left brained and half right, which is why I equally like the artfulness of it.

4. The type of stitch. In addition to being symbolic, two crossing diagonals are nicely symmetrical and intriguing. More so than a plus sign. In the same way, a diamond is more intriguing than a square. A diamond is more precariously balanced than a square, but so is a plus sign than an x, so that’s not it. But two x’s make a diamond, hmmm. [edited out comment about plusses when I thought of early Church Bishops’ vestments depicted in icons.]

5. It is durable. You don’t have to worry about smudging.

6. It is stable. The permanent pattern and materials will not change, get moldy, or dry out, and will be waiting for you whenever you’re ready.