So I’ll write anyway

by Andrea Elizabeth

Narratives expanding and contracting on each other, words popping up like seedlings, some more intricately designed than others, harmonies gathering mature words into communicative bouquets. Their telos.

Such was my weekend. A party, a play, potential home buying, Church.

Events swirling about in provocative purposefulness daring me to be presumptuous. I fall for it most of the time, just to be brought up short by the curt reigns of reality. Some people may not like the shrug of, “whatever”, but can’t that mean, “Thy will be done”?

And I’ve changed my name and Avatar. I’m increasingly put out by what google search engines can tell people by putting your name in the little box, so I took down some personal information, even if my last name wasn’t on here. It doesn’t really change anything, but why make it so easy?

The new id is less lofty, but I don’t expect the type of content to change. In addition to the Jane Austen reference, it reminds me of how at the end of Lost episodes, there’d be a pause, in which my kids would race to get one of their siblings’ names in there followed by “is a” before “Bad Robot”.