by Andrea Elizabeth

In looking for cross stitch patterns of Gospel illuminations, I came across the undertaking of Makoto Fujimura to be the first single artist in nearly 400 years to illuminate the four Gospels. The video in the article includes a discussion on the difficulty Evangelical Protestants have with art, though they don’t mention the word, iconoclasm. Nevertheless, I don’t know why they would have a problem with the modern art in this project because it is so formless. The colors are traditional however.

The reason I would like to cross stitch a pattern from the older illuminated Gospels is because of the bright colors and more ornate presentation than is usually found in wooden icons.

“This printed edition of the four Gospels in Church Slavic is lavishly illuminated by hand in gold and colors. It is all the more remarkable because it was issued during the turbulent political period called “the time of Troubles.” The style reflects the “Orientalism” of 17th-century Muscovite design. Here St. John, inspired by divine revelation in the form of rays of light, dictates his Gospel to St. Prochoros.

The elaborate nature of this copy suggests that it was owned originally by the Moscow Patriarch (and later Saint) Germogen.”

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