Pins and needles

by Andrea Elizabeth

The parcel cannot arrive soon enough. I keep checking the tracking number, and USPS is not indicating that they’ve received the package yet. I ordered it Friday, so… come on already! If my new passion lives up to my expectations, which I won’t know until I get the thing in the mail! Then I can figure out if I want Aida canvass or something else, and if I want to do 14, 18, or 30 count, and then I have to find the floss, and a frame, circle or scroll, and get some needles, and a floss storing system, and maybe a magnifying lense with a light because of my multi-focal needs. Then I can concentrate on the lovely colors and subjects available at St. Joseph School for Boys, no less, starting with this one, if it will come! It’s of St. John of Rila, St. John the Theologian, and St. John of Kronstadt. The blues and the green border first caught my eye, and the three awesome Johns sealed the deal. My daughters both want to get started with me, so I am looking forward to many hours of beautiful, wholesome contemplation.

If this sticks, I will want to do many icons from St. Joseph’s, as well as the famous, beautiful pieces available at Scarlet Quince, especially the ones from the William Morris studio of artists. They sought to depict paradise on earth, with medieval influence, in their development of the Arts and Crafts movement . I really like this one, and so many others that if I keep with it, I will have a hard time picking which one to do next.

This   one of feminine virtues is very intriguing, but a little edgy. My favorite thing is that it lists protection as #1.