Catching Fire 3, who are you going to call?

by Andrea Elizabeth

Another thought about Katniss’ relationship with her mother and sister. She only confides in the three men, not any of the women. She doesn’t think the women can handle it. That she has to protect them. The men want to protect her. All women can do is worry and nourish the body and heal wounds.

The Orthodox call Mary our Protectress. The fact that a lot of women do not seem up for this role, if it is part of the essence of womanhood, seems an aberration. Were they spoiled into thinking they should only be the recipients of protection? And I don’t believe that it is necessarily military type protection that they should provide. There are other ways to shield children from harm. Katniss excuses her mother’s retreat from that role by considering her mother’s own devastation at losing her husband. Katniss doesn’t allow herself to be devastated to the point of not being able to consider her loved one’s needs for long enough for them to feel abandoned. I do believe that checking out for that length of time is a choice. Yet sometimes we don’t realize how abandoned they feel. This story doesn’t go into how her mother and sister feel about how she’s always sneaking out to talk to the men and doesn’t tell them much. Yet Katniss seems to feel that they genuinely can’t handle it – so it’s for them. Maybe it’ll give more of their point of view later.