Just for laughs

by Andrea Elizabeth

I heard a comedian* On the radio say today that self deprecating humor is more endearing in comedy than confidence. This is largely true, and many use it, especially women comics, but it seems backwards and calculating to use it for that reason. Wanting to be popular and for people to like you is the opposite of self-deprecation. Steven Wright is self-deprecating, but he is so creative with it, that he comes off sounding unconventionally superior, yet in pain so you really don’t want to go where he goes in reality. The conventional self deprecators are trying to relate to the common man, not come off as if they were from another planet like the comic geniuses do.

*I’m not saying who because it would seem too critical of him as a person. Comedy of this sort can effectively make people laugh at themselves, and displays linguistic talent, and is often the fruit of hard work and powers of observation, so it’s not nothing.