skates, horses, sails and stones

by Andrea Elizabeth

Since they’re not being broadcasted on network tv, I subscribed to watch the World Figure Skating Championships on-line. I didn’t realize that just the pairs short program was going to take over 3 hours. The networks really pare it down for tv, only showing the top contenders.

I’m noticing that my favorite sports are co-ed, which are equestrian events, and pair skating and ice dancing. Equestrian events are less about men and women working together than about the synergy between horse and rider. Sailing is also co-ed apparently. I saw an article that said that men and women perform equally well at curling too, so why isn’t that co-ed?

It seems these co-ed sports require a vehicle. So there’s something about the way humans handle tools and animals that is universal. Other sports are more about muscle power, so that’s the inequality there. Skating isn’t officially co-ed because there’s such a difference in the men’s and women’s roles when skating together. That makes it even more interesting to me.