The Hunger Games 3, grin and bare it

by Andrea Elizabeth

Page 81, coming up for air. As the killing game can be compared to more average interactions, so can the other compromises Katniss makes. Her waxing and styling treatment remind me of Dr visits and the jr high gym locker room. You do it because the authorities tell you to. These exposures are almost if not enough to justify homeschooling and denying medical care as well as airport security. But we submissively do it anyway. We put up with so much and are forced? to sell parts of our soul each time.

The other compromise on my mind at this point is faking things to suit the powers that be. Katniss feels guilty for venting to her mother – the only time she expresses her stress over her lot. The rest of the time she fights back tears and hides her distrust of everyone. Faking it is how you survive. Yet we don’t want her to go around emoting either. Stoney patience does seem the best strategy at this point.

The third thing is how she feels flattered by the crowd’s praise even though these are people she despises. She goes so far as to smile and wave at them. I wonder how she’s going to deal with that and the other crowd pleasing things she’ll do in order to increase her chances of survival.