For the love of dogs

by Andrea Elizabeth

Touch screen typing is awkward,so bear with me as I write from my dog friendly motel room in the Texas Hill Country, Highland Lakes area, which begins 3.5 hours, not miles, Facebook friends, from my house.

This week I have been more intensely trying to house train our new shelter dog. I read that shelter dogs are used to going on concrete, so that explains why she prefers our living room (stained concrete) and front entry way (exposed concrete during new cork installation, which is on hold till she’s trained) to going outside. So I got her a crate, and found that the advice to supervise all indoor out of crate play is the best way to catch her when she’s preparing to let loose, and hurry her outdoors. (man, the spell prompts for touchscreens are horrible at reading my mind.) having to devote so much time and money to dogs is making me think about priorities. There is an arguement against making pets your children while neglecting people. (Ishould have left that arguemena, see what it did to my spacing!) But when I see the benefits of training, attention, and healthcare while we are on this trip, I think they are worth it. Corgis love climbing, btw. Could they count as least brethren?