pip, pip, hooray!

by Andrea Elizabeth

George worked in the dark until 9:30 last night getting Merry and Pippin’s new outdoor accommodations ready for the former’s arrival tomorrow. Notice the name. It just seems righter than the rest. We’ll go visit her one last time at the shelter today before her spaying and micro chipping tomorrow. We’ve been counting down for 3pm Wednesday to hurry up and get here. Pippin likes the new digs (hopefully not) if someone’s outside with him, but starts barking if they leave. I think he’ll like it a lot better if there’s another of his species (close enough) actually inside with him. We made an extra room in case she’s not feeling well enough for company the first couple of days. There’s a door between them. Also, she needs extra calories, and he’s been on a strict diet for a couple of years. This way we can feed them separately. If they get along ok, we hope to take the middle wall out and make the kennel bigger. I’m not sure how we’ll feed them after that. Keeping Pippin out of the cat food has been hard enough.