by Andrea Elizabeth

We just picked out sweetness dogified at the shelter. Now we have to wait till Wednesday to pick her up! She will hopefully be a good companion to our Corgi, Pippin, and to the rest of the family as well. Meanwhile we have to pick out a name. “Merry” has been suggested so far. Sounds too human to me. They don’t like my idea of “Precious”. She’s a lot like our dog, Punkin, who sadly got run over a few years ago. The name came from a pumpkin colored and shaped spot on her side. Punkin was perfect for Pippin.

(Pippin left, Punkin right) They were about the same height, Corgi’s are short and long, and would gang around parallel to each other like two well-trained coach horses. It was so cute. Neither Pippin nor I have gotten over her passing.

They think “Sandy” is overdone. I like the orphan connection. “Duchess” from Lady and the Tramp is satisfying to me, but doesn’t sound that great with “Pippin”. Rebecca likes “Belle”. I think I need two syllables. “Little Ann” makes me cry. She is tiny, though, and needs fattening. I just saw that there’s a series of books about “Pippin and Mabel”. Now there’s an idea! Well, Mabel’s the aunt, and there’s one about Pippin and Pudding, the cat. Have to see what the homies think.