Want the moon? I’ll lasso it for you

by Andrea Elizabeth

When Obama effectively killed the space program, I was thinking it may be a temporary ending contingent on his 4 year term. Now that Newt is promising us the moon, the oddness of it makes it seem like we’ve lost the vision on a deeper level. Last night on Rock Center, astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson said that people are no longer talking about a hopeful future in our country in general, and that it is tied to the death of the space race. It does seem the two are related. “Why build a moon base” and “why go to Mars” seem more valid questions. Additionally, other futuristic technology such as rocket type cars, food replicators, and dome dwellings have gone by the wayside. Instead we are wanting to teleport ourselves into our handheld smartphones, disregarding the real world around us.

And can the real world compete? If we’ve lost our hope of improving it, and are stuck with very questionable results of our past efforts, what else is there to do? I say, ‘Get thee to a monastery.’