Two tree things

by Andrea Elizabeth

Haven’t been in the mood for reading this week so I’ll post a couple of random Christmas season things.

Bill Clinton said on The View that lots of food stamps are a good thing because they help the farmers who grow the food. And this is making lemonade because the recession and mortgage crisis started on Bush’s watch. Maybe so. By that logic I can see the load of money that we spent on the best Christmas tree we ever had as making a donation to Lowe’s employees (Happy St. Nicholas Day), and the tree as a thank you gift.

Haven’t figured out how to make lemonade out of having tons of kindling but no logs on this welcome string of cold weather days. Hopefully George will have time to cut some more this weekend. I’m not comfortable with a chain saw nor with Jeremy with one. I’ll leave that phrasing because it reminds me of Johnny Depp saying, “A woman’s scorn, the like of which fury hell hath no,” quoted previously around here somewhere.