there be sharks

by Andrea Elizabeth

George, I, and the three home kids just got back from spending 24 hours in Galveston. During that time my neck and back ache disappeared as I relaxed in the gorgeous weather and the endless, crashing waves. 2 hours was not enough time in the ocean. I say I relaxed, but gauging the waves to prevent a face-full of salt water took some effort. As did jumping and running in an almost gravity-free atmosphere. Now that I’m back home on terra firma, my neck ache has returned. I have been more directly dealing with a problem the past month or so that has nagged at me since our conversion to Orthodoxy. It came to a head last week and may be over now, but my neck is experiencing after-shocks. The Orthodox Church is the ark of my salvation, but who will listen when someone such as I says you better get in?

One of the signs at the Moody Gardens Aquarium said, to prevent shark attack, do not swim alone or far from the beach. A big part of me wanted to as the other four got tired and cold before I did. I could have stayed there all day. But then a little fish grazed my foot and I got scared. I loved being carried by the waves, but it is dangerous in the ocean. We need protection. Maybe in heaven a saint can go and enjoy wherever without worrying about the lack of oxygen, food, and protection from the elements and predators, but not me right now. It is prelest to think I can.