Prince Memorial

by Andrea Elizabeth

After coming across this compelling story of Weatherford’s Black School, originally begun in 1877 at Prince Memorial Colored (renamed “Christian” in the 1960’s) Methodist Episcopal Church, I got in my car and spent a while exploring beyond a couple of old dead end streets trying to find the school built in 1917.

Here’s what I found:

I wonder if the wooden part is the original. The brick building was built in 1927. Here’s the entrance to it:

Watch your step as you enter. There be holes in the floor.

The two classrooms are to the right and left of this hallway, which extends to the wooden structure. Here’s the one on the left:

View out the window:

Through the tiny clearing you can see quite a ways as the school sits on top of a hill, hidden away as it is.

And the classroom on the right:

Proceeding toward the back/original wooden structure?

Maybe they’re offices. And out the door,

Finally, where they were made to salute America’s back door,