Happy 4th and Vive la France

by Andrea Elizabeth

Part of it has been busyness and part of the reason I haven’t written so much is because I am a slow processor. It is one reason why busyness throws me off. If I have 3 things going on and it takes me a week to absorb one thing, then it will take me three weeks to absorb each thing, and of course within those three weeks other things happen, so I have to wait for a lull to even write about the first thing. I have a couple of hours of lull this morning, and the one thing I’ll pick to write about is the 4th of July and Bastille Day.

Compared to the writers I like to read, I have a very limited education regarding the things I like. I like America and Europe, especially English writing and the French language. I can like them all without prejudice against either even on the 4th of July and Bastille day, the days that we commemorate the Americans being against the English Aristocracy and the French being against their own. I don’t even have anything against aristocrats or cats, as a group. Therefore it was while I was watching Sense and Sensibility with my daughter and her friends that I realized that it was kind of funny that we were watching it on the 4th of July. There is a burn ban in most of Texas so we didn’t do our annual fireworks, and our guests had just gotten back from a long drive and we didn’t want to go out to one of the lake celebrations.

On Bastille day, I took a slightly different group of girls to meet another group of girls in San Antonio to watch the premier of the last Harry Potter movie, which was very well done, btw. Just as I did nothing American on the 4th of July, except to make hamburgers and potato salad, I did nothing French on Bastille Day. I’ll take the time now to make a French connection. I liked Emma Thompson’s (who was in Harry Potter and Sense and Sensibility) French princess in hers and her then husband’s (who was also in one of the Harry Potter movies) Henry V ou Henri Quinze.