Take no thought

by Andrea Elizabeth

In recent discussions about gluttony at my new Church, it has been said that a thin person can be more of a glutton because they can be so picky and decadent in their preferences. This makes me wonder if the verse, “take no thought for what you shall eat” means to mindlessly and indiscriminately eat whatever? Doesn’t sound right. When a person does that, they’re constantly thinking about navigating to the kitchen or junk food aisle or the fast-food window. I think it’s more like my husband who doesn’t think about food hardly at all and often forgets to eat. I’m always planning the next meal. That’s sort of a woman-thing as we are responsible for the most part to plan the meals and care for children who burn their calories rapidly. Matthew 6 is about now worrying about having enough. This is usually thought of in terms of God’s provision and care for us. But I think it can also apply to not worrying about being satisfied with a little. Appetite is different than hunger. We are very far from being truly hungry in this age and place. We are more worried about our voracious appetites. Food has become an addiction, not a means of sustenance. We have to starve our addictions. This does involve a feeling a deprivation, but passions are to be redirected. What would I rather hunger and thirst for, like the Samaritan Woman, things that offer fleeting satisfaction, or Christ? Thinking about that requires fasting and intense concentration that my scattered nous hasn’t been that up to. Lord have mercy.