current events

by Andrea Elizabeth

Though I am glad to give my eyes a break from continuous wear contact lenses, which I’ve worn for at around 15 years, and to have multi strength progressive lens glasses that enable better focus on close to mid range objects as I have developed presbyopia due to my advancing age, I am still finding the adjustment difficult. The lack of peripheral vision makes me feel sometimes like I am looking at the world  through a barred jail window. As a result of this and a stressful situation I am dealing with, I have had a back of the head and neck ache since last Saturday. It is briefly relieved by OTC pain relievers and heating pads, but I find watching moving objects on screens and reading to be particularly taxing and uncomfortable. Therefore I have not had as much to say here for a while. In addition, talking about other stressful things, like Osama, is not doing me much good either. I don’t even feel like venting about my situation. I am encouraged about a pleasant surprise in the midst of it all, but to talk about that would also bring up the other situation, which isn’t resolved and probably wont be for at least a couple of months.

So, I’m glad about our recent rain and how green things currently are. And I’m thankful for my family and friends. And I’ll say that I’m glad for the relief of gently read and sung Orthodox hymns that I’ll hopefully get to hear at St. Seraphim Cathedral tonight if my neck quits hurting enough for the long drive.