where’s he going to go with this?

by Andrea Elizabeth

First we must note that the woman was the first to be seduced, and that therefore she in turn seduced the man. In what sense woman is the weaker sex, as it is commonly said of her, and also that anxiety belongs to her more than to man,* I shall try to develop in another chapter.

[…] Eve is a derived creature. To be sure, she is created like Adam, but she is created out of a previous creature. To be sure, she is innocent like Adam, but there is, as it were, a presentiment of a disposition that indeed is not sinfulness but may seem like a hint of the sinfulness that is posited by propagation. It is the fact of being derived that predisposes the particular individual, yet without making him guilty.

* Nothing is hereby determined about woman’s imperfection in relation to man. Although anxiety belongs to her more than to man, anxiety is by no means a sign of imperfection. If one is to speak of imperfection, this must be found in something else, namely, that in anxiety she moves beyond herself to another human being, to man. (The Concept of Anxiety, p. 47)

In the second paragraph, I’m detecting Platonic degeneration. We disagree that succession necessarily results in inferiority.

In the first and the note, I think the anxiety is different in a woman than a man, and not necessarily greater. A man may be less nervous about physical confrontation, but I think a woman is less nervous about emotional intimacy, generally speaking. Regarding moving “beyond herself to another human being,” communicableness doesn’t have to involve negative things, and even that is different in relation to what is being communicated: emotions, food, and hospitality, or power.

We’ve had our first argument. I’ll pass on the part about if God’s and the devil’s voices were actually Adam’s.