Turning away from sin

by Andrea Elizabeth

(cont from last post)

Chapter 3. Sin Is Not a Negation but a Position

That this is the case is something that orthodox dogmatics and orthodoxy on the whole have always contended, and they have rejected as pantheistic any definition of sin that made it out to be something merely negative – weakness, sensuousness, finitude, ignorance, etc. (The Sickness Unto Death, p. 96)

The next section deals with sin and its continuance as a new sin. Kierkegaard says that the correct position is transparency before God. But, imo, the negative sins listed above and their continuance are both causes and results of being in the wrong position. When one is in the right position before God, one receives revelation of one’s sins that one continues in. His next section is on using distractions and self-medication as voluntary ways of continuing sin until one has no “spirit” left. Turning to grace and repentance is too repugnant in that state.