either, neither, one

by Andrea Elizabeth

I haven’t read Kierkegaard’s Either-Or yet, but one possible outcome of a negation of dialectical opposition is neither/nor. I don’t know if it’s the notion of there can only be one winner or what, but to not choose one or the other can seem to lead to not making a choice at all. And to not choose is to choose against, and to choose nothing. Or else one has to take turns. One of the readings pointed out that truth can’t be made in one statement. But we can only make one statement at a time, so it seems we are always unbalanced. While dwelling in one land, we neglect another. Bilocation seems the only alternative to indecisive wishy-washiness. And to bilocate one has to be a Saint. But then he also wrote, Purity of Heart is to Will One Thing. Oy Vey