Ah, Spring

by Andrea Elizabeth

I just got back from a couple of days with the non-college kids in the beautiful Texas hill country for hiking up Enchanted Rock and chilling on the Colorado River, the Texas one.

Kierkegaard (The Sickness Unto Death) came along too to calm my brain down in the wee small hours when I sometimes wake up and obsess about things. Climbing steep hills and driving narrow, winding, hilly lanes is exciting; a better kind of exciting than watching a movie or news about disasters, as vicariously sad as those are. Kierkegaard’s trip is organized and methodical, and his unexpected twists and turns seem more like getting back on the road than venturing off it. Going off-road is usually lauded as the way to find hidden treasures and more virtuous truths, but this must be because the current road is misdirected. Doctors establish new roads to the predestined destination: home. I’m starting to trust that Kierkegaard is one of those doctors.