Seeking and not seeking help

by Andrea Elizabeth

It’s weird, anemic people crave ice, water, and beef. Just the last couple of weeks I’ve wanted tap and chicken. My blood sugar and energy level don’t feel right though. Maybe it’s also a thyroid problem, but I’ve probably been eating too many carbs. I love bread, and every weekend my daughter brings home homemade beer bread, assorted cakes, fruity french toast and cheesecake that is not eaten at the B&B around the corner where she works. Not good.

I keep hoping that new back strengthening exercises will take away my back pain, but they don’t. They make me able to do more stuff though. I had two different types of procedures, one dermatological (I only went because I was worried about skin cancer – one mole was irregular), done last year to fix me, and that took a lot of coaxing from my husband to do. Going to the doctor is a very last resort. I’m really not impressed with back treatments though. Seems even chiropractors only offer temporary relief. If I want temporary relief, I can just stay in bed or on my recliner. I can do what I want to do – write, pysanky, stand and walk (not too long though as I found out at Epcot center and San Francisco and during prolonged Church services), but rest makes it feel better. I’ve worked up to 25 prostrations in preparation for Forgiveness Vespers, which has aggravated the pain somewhat, but it’s live with-able if the kids do the bend down work of loading and unloading the bottom shelf of the dishwasher and pick up things off the floor for me. So it’s really not bad enough to do anything about.

And I don’t want to have my thyroid checked until I’ve done what I can eliminating carbs, so pretty much I’ve chosen to live with the sugar lows after the sugar highs at this point.