strings projects

by Andrea Elizabeth

This is “The Kiss” from Last of the Mohicans. Viola gets the cool Celtic part. Violin is graduating to 3rd position for the sustained high notes. And Cello gets the drone. The higher the notes, the harder they are to hit accurately because there are no frets. You have to memorize distance. Also, the higher the notes, the less distance between them.

Since the Cellist’s part is pretty easy in the above, we’re going to try Bach’s famous Prelude for Cello in which he will also have to learn 3rd position. It’s about time he gets a starring part. I hope it’s not too hard, but our cheerleader likes a challenge.

Below, Rostropovich changes bow direction a lot more. I like the slurs in the above better. Much smoother.

(viewable on youtube)

Yo Yo Ma also changes directions, but his is smoother, maybe because it’s slower.

Is this one a commercial?