Saturday morning prophecy

by Andrea Elizabeth

What if in the techno age employment is unnecessary? A few geniuses program computers and robots to make all of our complex equipment and products, which we order online and have delivered to our door. Everyone is granted enough unemployment benefits to buy the latest gadgets and be informed and entertained amap. So if unemployment is paying for the gadgets, then the government must also own gadget production. How can they profit if they are essentially the buyers and the sellers? They don’t. But since they also manufacture the money, they don’t need to. It becomes a meaningless circle.

Traditional Americans value hard work and food earned. At the end of the day, if one has a full belly, filled with the fruit of one’s labor, one can rest well. But what if labor is eliminated and food is doled? One becomes a spectator of other people’s labor. The writers and the actors will be the only ones motivated to produce. But if their writing and subsequent embodiment is only paid for by the government, then, well I guess we get the 50’s all over again where the government controlled content. In the 40’s the Catholic Church controlled content. I used to enjoy 40’s movies the most, but I haven’t been able to get back into their tidy little morality schemes as much lately. Maybe with everyone so satisfied, the government wont need to worry about content. People wont care enough to do anything about the warnings about the dangers of all this. These warnings will just cause a momentary blip on our adrenaline monitors. Adrenaline used to be pumped in for fight or flight, but since everyone’s on government controlled life-support, what’s the point of fleeing or fighting?

Lost is the only modern serial I’ve gotten into, but the way that ended is increasingly unsatisfying. Everything that happened pretty much ended up being meaningless. Wouldn’t they all have ended up in the abstract church even if no one had saved the island? If journeys are so important, what about little babies that die and go to heaven?

Who knows? Somehow it’s important to pray, keep clean, eat healthy, make things and then give them away. But where do churches fit in with the government control? I think they’ll fund them because churches also keep the people satiated. There will be no bans on anything in order to prevent the people from rebelling.

In Wall-E, everyone got fat. Obesity is too negative for modern man however. I think technology will eventually eliminate it. The government will be a good parent. Vices will go out of style. I think people’s happiness will come from being healthy. They will embrace health as the end all be all. They may even become bored with entertainment and start to meditate. It will be a godless meditation though. They will meditate about their own healthiness. They will inhale their technologically bio-filtered atmosphere with a proud sense of accomplishment and go on their hikes in peace. They will have destroyed what God made and will have remade it almost the same way, but this time, they engineered it, not God.