As you think

by Andrea Elizabeth

Memories of being bored to distraction as a child usually prevents me from watching the McNeil Lehrer Report, but being between Netflix shipments made it win out last night. David Brooks (the link is to his article where he provides an interesting profile of Jared Loughner) impressed me with his objective analysis of the Tucson shooting. He said correlation does not mean causation with regard to inciting political rhetoric and political action. I was wondering if the shooter had a history of violent video game playing to go with his illness. Apparently not because then Brooks said that even though the violence in movies and video games has increased, physical crime has decreased. Now I’m thinking about Demographic Winter where it is suggested that video games are contributing to the decrease in the number of marriages and the birth rate.

What if video games and other entertainments are providing the cathartic release that people used to get from actually doing things like committing crimes and getting married? Maybe we’re turning into gnostic Matrix coccoons, plugged into our machines and processed foods like Wall-E blobs, living a more exciting life of the mind.

Meanwhile, the damage done by words can be tolerated where materialists only value physical evidence. Remember “Sticks and Stones”. Here’s a quote from the Prologue of Ohrid which describes the universe-penetrating power of thoughts not even verbalized.


Water is finer than earth; fire is finer than water; air is finer than fire; electricity is finer than air. Nevertheless, air is a dense element in comparison to the spiritual world and electricity is a dense element in comparison to the spiritual world.

Electricity is very fine but the voice is finer than electricity; the thought finer than the voice; the spirit finer than thoughts.

The air is fine and it carries the voice over a great distance. Electricity is fine and it carries light over a great distance. Nevertheless, how much more is every deed, every word and every thought of yours carried to all ends of the spiritual world. O how awesome it is to commit sinful deeds and to speak sinful words and to think insane thoughts! To what immeasurable distances are amassed from that on the waves of the spiritual sea! But do not go into the details of the unknown world. The main thing is that you know and that you measure how all of your deeds, words and thoughts unavoidably create an impression on all four sides: On God and the spiritual world, on nature, on men and on your soul. If you train yourself in this knowledge, you will attain a higher level of saving vigilance.

In thinking about how we create false divisions between the spiritual or immaterial and the material, I thought about blood transfusions. I know of some unstable people who regularly sell their blood for money. I wonder how much their instability affects the person receiving their blood. But God is merciful.