ideas for future posts, or a stand alone comedy routine

by Andrea Elizabeth

The government wants to expand the FDA to include the right to recall produce instead of leaving that to the sellers. What’s up with that? This falls into fear-mongering and government takeover. Government is already too expensive, and so is a sterile, safe environment based on fear of business people. If we let Obama stay on this path we will all die.

My kids noticed that some of Scrooge’s arguments about not caring and over-population are mine. I’m finding myself relating to Fanny Dashwood too. What’s up with that? Having the power to make others into princes and princesses or to make them just sort of comfortable to relieve one’s guilt is an interesting choice. In The Thorn Birds the evil Mary Carson gave that power to Ralph over Meggie and her family. Disney tells us that poor people, and by extension everyone, deserves to discover their inner royalty, and that preventing it is an evil thing. I’m more impressed with monastics who choose poverty. But is choosing poverty for someone else by omission the ultimate evil?

Speaking of helping others, for someone to be really helped, I feel that they need to be adopted by a family. A parent takes more of a committed interest in managing the help they give. Just throwing money at statistical people isn’t very effective, imo. I forget how closely Pip’s anonymous benefactor watched him or was involved with him. I should reread Great Expectations.

Speaking of over-population, that documentary about Tides I linked to recently talked about Scotland’s policy of moving people off the land and giving it to sheep. I remember hearing about how America was glamourized in brochures for European people in the 1800’s. What’s up with that? I’m thinking the British Isles intentionally wanted to keep their rural areas pristine and shipped their masses over here. America wanted immigrants in the latter part of the 19th and early 20th centuries to do the harder manual labor (see the PBS documentary on the Ellis Island hospital) so maybe it was win win. Valuing land over people seems a little awkward, but maybe that’s my Disney guilt speaking. I’m not for apartments in the Grand Canyon. Athonite cliff dwellings might be cool if electricity was banned. The Indians used to live there.

I find the migration patterns suggested by genetic and linguistic research fascinating. I don’t trust scientific dating results however. I wish they would take Biblical records into account too. I believe the Garden of Eden was in the Middle East, not Africa. I allow the earth to be older than 7000 years, but I think (and some new evidence supports this) that changes can happen much faster that some of the testing shows. I wonder if the continents shifted during the flood for example. One thing Spencer Wells, the migration geneticist, said to the Navaho’s when they got upset with his use of the word “myth” was that he has a bias for evidence. They nodded understandingly as if the word “bias” was just as dismissive, and then became childlike when he described how we’re all related and how migrations occurred and then showed them pictures of their alleged ancestral tribe in Siberia. Interesting intersection of sacred oral tradition and science. In the conclusion of the documentary, Spencer said that he was fortunate to find the tiny modern window where technology could map these people groups before they disperse further and become too mixed up to trace.

Here’s a chart of American accents that are dying out too. (h/t David B’s facebook)

And lastly, The Snow Walker is a very engrossing movie about a cocky pilot and an ill Aleutian girl who crash in the northern wilderness. I like Indians.