Happy New Year

by Andrea Elizabeth

If one has pent up feelings that need yearly release, viewing 1988’s Die Hard on New Years Eve is perfect. Its setting is Christmas in Los Angeles, but it’s reaches are global. If you’re mad at Japanese (nowadays, substitute Chinese) global empires, let the German (remember the Nazis?) thugs kill them mercilessly. If you’re mad at Nazi’s (or bullies in general), the down home, Lone Ranger (well Roy Rogers is pretty close) NY cop will creatively take them out one by one. If you’re mad at men, the separated wife, in league with the Japanese, will one (or two) them up in the business world. If you’re mad about being mad at men, the messianic Lone Ranger will win you back. If you’re upset about slavery, the black guys get the coolest gigs, one even gets to be in charge (until he gets blown up for being in league with a white jerk). The others get to be emotional support while staying the coolests.

Everyone, even the black chauffeur and the separated wife gets to take someone out. Bruce Willis shares his glory after-all. So it’s a communal effort with the proper imbalanced synergy to make it spiritually correct. Yippee Kiyay American underdogs and me!

Last year, since the four boys were gone, I watched the 2008 Little Dorrit miniseries. On the surface it seems apples and oranges, but on quick second thought, I think the same number of bad guys died. It just took longer.