Favorite things this holiday season

by Andrea Elizabeth

For the past several years I’ve enjoyed having quiet Christmases of Church and coming home to turkey with just George and the kids. This year for both Thanksgiving and Christmas we invited friends. I’m surprised to have departed from my reclusive proclivities to find that their visits are at the top of this list.

Another change is that though I enjoy singing western Christmas Carols, and hearing their harmonies played on my children’s strings, they did not serve to get me in the mood this year, nor did I seek that from them. What is Christmas without that “gingerbread feeling“? (from the Home Alone soundtrack) This year, quiet peace upon hearing and singing the chanted words of Orthodox hymns. See Deb’s sharing here and here.

George’s passion for shopping for everybody. He’s a great gift giver. I never was very good at it and feel guilty spending money. He goes all out and I have to change again and open my heart to receive them. Thank you, Dear.

The unveiling of the Poinsettias before Metropolitan Jonah’s visit to our Church Tuesday night before Christmas. They heralded a wonderfully warm evening.

Having everyone home from college and relaxed.

Please disregard the order of this list, as it doesn’t do justice to each and every blessed one. I hope yours is a blessed Nativity as well.

Christ is Born!