I didn’t talk about the advertising aspect

by Andrea Elizabeth

|Thu, Dec. 16 2010 05:56 PM EDT
Debate Prompts Fort Worth to Adopt Ban on Religious, Atheist Ads
By Nathan Black|Christian Post Reporter
The Fort Worth Transportation Authority, or The T, adopted a policy Wednesday night that bans buses and bus benches from carrying religious ads.

The adoption came weeks after atheist ads declaring “Millions of Americans are good without God” were launched on four city buses. The ads sparked debate and drew criticism from residents who considered the campaign an insult to Christianity, especially during the Christmas season.

Some ministers organized a boycott and others called on The T to ban all religious advertising.

Already, The T does not accept ads related to politics, tobacco, alcohol, pornography and obscenity. But the board of directors’ revision to existing guidelines expanded the list of banned ads to include religious, nontheistic or faith-based ads.

“The agency’s staff recommended adding the exclusion of any faith-based ads because of the distraction from its core business and excessive staff time that have been required to respond to the recent controversy over religious versus atheist ads on The T’s buses,” The T stated.

The new advertising policy also includes a specific exclusion of defamatory messages targeting individuals or specific groups.

The “Good without God” ads were sponsored by the Dallas-Fort Worth Coalition of Reason. The group said the campaign was designed to raise awareness about people who don’t believe in a god and to guide those interested to the 15 area nontheistic groups that make up the DFW coalition.

The atheist group had also planned to run the ads on Dallas buses, but the Dallas Area Rapid Transit rejected the campaign.

A monthlong campaign, the atheist ads will be allowed to remain on the Forth Worth buses until the agreement ends later this month.

A blue mobile billboard truck carrying a pro-Christian message is currently shadowing the buses. The billboard reads “I still love you. – God” and “2.1 billion people are good with God.”

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Seems it’s still taboo to be an atheist in Ft. Worth. The whole public opinion thing is what mainly bothers me. Oh no, the atheists are going to get more votes than the Christians, or at least deists. I don’t think they’re so worried about popularity as about the belief that a person’s vote is what saves them. And the fear of a communist atheist society if they win. How would life have been different without the red scare? We wouldn’t have “under God” in the pledge for one thing. The reds were pretty scary, but not all that was anti red was nice. Identity based on not being one of “those” isn’t much of an identity.

It is interesting that Adam and Eve didn’t die as we connote death at the fall. Some may even think things got more exciting for them. Some may think they were good without their previous relationship with God. These brave, honest thinkers will go on to reject God for all of the fear of punishment and impossible testing that he put Adam and Eve through. Others will blindly believe that He is good and necessary despite it all. This will prove that they are good too. In fact, better than those who are good without God. The latter think they’re better for being more honest and authentic to naked reality.

But “faith is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen”, according to Hebrews 11. What is hope and what comprises the invisible? They have to have substance or we wouldn’t have the capacity to hope and comprehend what invisibility is. The atheist thinks these components of humanity are as useless as an appendix.