Fascinating women

by Andrea Elizabeth

I have spent less than 5 minutes on Barbara Walters’ Most Fascinating People of 2010 this year (except for watching a couple Sandra Bullock movies and her Academy Awards drama), but since I used to spend more time on them, I found it interesting, if not fascinating, to hear their philosophies.

I know there is a lot to criticize about Oprah Winfrey’s vague concepts of God and traditional Christian values, but her genuineness, kindness, and generosity are compelling. She said her life’s goal is for God to completely use her up, and she devotes a lot of energy outward to that end. So much energy that she said she could not do justice to child-rearing, so she has chosen not to. Instead she gives millions of presents and dollars to children, and has established a girls’ school in Africa. Barbara Walters is more conflicted about this as she did have a daughter, but said that her daughter suffered from her devotion to her job. When I hear of this rationale or those related to it like the ones for not having lots and lots of kids, I think, wouldn’t the child be glad for their life, even if it did involve the pain of some sort of neglect? Some people end up wishing they’d never been born however.

Oprah has also chosen not to get married to Stedman, with whom she still lives. She said their marriage would not have survived as well as these arrangements have because of increased expectations. I don’t really get that. I would think living in sin would be harder on a relationship, but perhaps forbidden fruit is more appealing. She doesn’t seem to worry about sin much, as she’s got her own code. Homosexuality is ok, but lying isn’t. Too independent for me.

And why should people want to get married when you hear what happened to Sandra Bullock? Yikes. She is still going to adopt a child at least. There’s a big difference between being a benefactor and a parent. One is giving your resources, one is giving yourself. With all of Oprah’s generosity, I think she’s holding back.

Sarah Palin. Her obsession with the media distracts her from talking about the content of her views. I can’t tell what’s beneath because she’s so focused on her beautiful hockey-mom image. I probably agree with a lot of her values, but Bristol’s pregnancy and Dancing with the Stars calls that to question. I think she could have redeemed some of her credibility if she had been more forthright about how her grandchild happened because she was in Juneau instead of Wasilla. She’s too concerned with appearing supportive of Bristol for that. Again, the image.

Palin looked a little skittish when Todd was brought out. She seems bored with him and gives the impression she wants him to disappear so that she can mix it up with the boys. I didn’t like the look in her eye when she was on stage with our Governor Rick Perry recently. That ticket would be way too Barbie and Ken. Her last words in the interview were that she is faithful. I believe her, but I think she needs to rest in Todd’s kindness a bit more.