It’s still a stressful issue

by Andrea Elizabeth

I am surprised by Kacie’s post on the debate about women’s roles. I have read many opinions on it, but usually people sound so sure of their views. They are usually upset about the other side, but I’ve not heard other women besides me express being upset about women’s roles in general themselves. I think the problem may lie in the contradiction between the Biblical words, “weaker” and “equal”.

Pardon my recent references to PBS, but Saturday I saw a show on women in the military in Iraq. They signed up for support services, but ended up being used in unexpected combat situations. They would attend night raids on houses to perform searches on Iraqi women, but sometimes there were ambushes and they would end up having to fire at the enemy. This is against the law regarding the use of women in combat, but it happens. The women are also dealing with a lot of issues because of it, and they’re doing it emotionally. They would cry over there, and they’re still crying about it now, even though they performed well. One especially was a pretty good shot. The emotional toll combat takes on women is more obvious, but I think it’s probably because they deal with it more openly. It’s harder for a woman to stuff things. Perhaps we have weaker defenses. The point was also brought out that they can’t afford to be stricter about the rules right now because women have become so vital to staffing at this point. And they have certain valuable strengths that the military is sorry to have been wasting all these years. Interesting. Is this because they need warm bodies though and will use flattery to get them? At the same time it showed what family lives are like because of these long deployments. People have an instinctual reaction to a mother and child being separated, but what about fatherless homes? Again I think there is probably just as much trauma because of it, it’s just less obvious, so men feel freer to leave.

I think it is a universal identity crisis, and no one is removed from it. Even the ones who are more sure of themselves, because unless everything is relative (which it can’t be because not everyone believes that), they are part of the question.