beards et al

by Andrea Elizabeth

According to Tolstoy in War and Peace, wars, victories and defeats are products of countless variables. In examining the current World Series, I’d like to list a few.

Intimidating beards. Though the Giants made use of theirs during the first two games, our Jeff Francoeur, who was last at bat during game 2, sent a chilling message back to them with his. This is a major reason the Rangers won game 3.

Home-field advantage. This is needed for the less stout of heart. The Giants’ hearts seem to have no lack of stoutness.

Experience. This is needed more in Texas than in San Francisco too. Colby Lewis got his in Japan. Josh Hamilton got his fighting addictions. We’ll see tonight if Cliff Lee has enough (actually I have other plans and wont be able to watch).

God. Josh and Neftali Feliz give him the glory for their awesome successes, but the Giants’ Edgar Renteria’s right there crossing himself too. I’ve never seen so many praying fans as I did Saturday night in Arlington before the Rangers’ win. Not so Sunday night, the devil’s holiday, during the Giants’ third dominating win. But if God is on the Rangers’ side, it could be that they need to be taught more humility and Christ-likeness through the agony of defeat. It’s a tough call. Some people don’t totally resurrect until the last day. Finally going to the World Series after 39 years and winning at least one of the games will have to do for now.