The beauty of precision

by Andrea Elizabeth

I made it to the epilogue in Aristotle East and West and I’m still not in the groove. I cannot explain his last comparison of Aquinas’ Absolute Divine Simplicity and Eastern energies with Dr. Bradshaw’s logical precision. I can sort of follow it and definitely appreciate it but in more of an impressionistic way. My version is, how cold and deterministic God’s essence and free will are to Aquinas. He tried to soften and warm it by using words such as “sweetly and promptly”, but the eastern view is so much more relational and respectful of God’s creation and love for His creatures, however unnecessary we are to His essence. Did He create just to communicate His goodness or to enjoy us too? Is it possible to selflessly enjoy?

Regarding precision, I’m trying to acquire it in pysanky designs. This lady’s mastery of it is unbelievable. I’ll not share my pale attempts to reproduce it.